My name is Emin. I was born and raised in Germany. Since then, I’ve been living here. In my early childhood I discovered my interest in drawing. At first I developed my drawing skills. Later, I began a technical apprenticeship as anindustrial mechanicer. After completing my apprenticeship, I catched up my university entrance qualification. In 2009-2013 industrial design at the university of HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. In the course of studying various aspects of product development were carried out as projects and lessons. Including areas such as: transport and mobility, process and action optimization, ergonomics and usability, space utilization concepts, etc.


  • Industrial Design/ Product Design: Product development, Redesign of Products, new innovative Products
  • Graphic Design: Logo development, Icon, Flyer, Magazine, Poster, etc.
  • Visualization: Architecture, Interieur/ Exterieur, Productvisualization
  • Animation: Quicktime Animations / Intros
  • Illustration: Vector Illustrations, Blueprints, Engineering Design
  • Sketches: Handsketches, Tablet works, Marker etc.

Work Process

Im concered with the development of new and innovative products. In the focus I’m trying to combine simplicity with elegance. The beginning of my work process usually starts with simple sketches and some CAD modelling. The best designs are nominated for the next round: Detailnes, fine tuning, etc. The 3D Softwares offers the opportunity to try out different materials and surfaces before any production. It’s simultaneously helps to give a 3-dimensional view. The best results can be visualized with renderings. But also a „Redesign“ of an existing products I like to work on. This excites me, especially the urge for an optimized solution by simplicity and sophistication.


Cinema 4D (Modeling)
Rhino, SolidWorks, AutoCAD